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Potential Students

Welcome to Citadel Bible College.

Citadel Bible College is a four year Bible School, forty-eight courses, but you only attend one night a week where you will take three 50 minute courses. You will be trained and matured into a Christian who can rightly divide the Word of God and are encouraged to obey God's commands to become an overcoming and victorious Christian.

A few rules you need to understand:

First, is attendance important for you to graduate? Yes! Attendance is 25% of your grade. If you miss more than two classes it will result in failure of the course. If you are late for class you will lose one point for every minute you are late on the current homework.

Second, failure to turn in your homework on time, which is when the next class begins, will result in a zero for your grade. All late homework will be graded with a 50. Homework is 25% of your grade. 

Final exams are 50% of your grade. This will be a one hour timed open-book test.
First year courses will begin at a low level so that if you haven't been in a classroom setting for a few years you will get used to studying before the work load increases. Each year will get more intense and require more of your time.

It is our prayer, that after you graduate, you will step into your full calling and ministry that God has called you to. We are not teaching you so you can have the knowledge and not use what you have learned. We are preparing you for service. 

(If you have a job that requires you to work some nights but
interested in attending Citadel Bible College please contact the church office)

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